Product Overview

 is a unique, all natural herbal formula that breaks down intestinal fat and eliminates the root cause of over weight and constipation. BAEBBE is not just a diet pill or a laxative (No Senna, No Cascara Sagrada, No Fiber, No Caffeine). It is specially formulated to work deep within one's digestive tract cleaning and improving damaged intestines, strengthening peristaltic movement in the intestine, excreting deposited fat and waste. It also promotes better blood flow and peaceful metabolic harmony. With BAEBBE, accumulated fat can be broken down naturally and effectively thorough intestinal cleansing. In time, your health and natural figure will be restored.





"Lost over 20 inches of body fat and is 4 dress sizes smaller..."- Mike B.


"I have searched and searched for a satisfying remedy for constipation. It works! My belly is going down as well!" - Mary L.

"I thought I was going to die from constipation. It's only my second dosage and I'm not cured yet, but both dosages have worked thus far. I'm also impressed that it does not work like a laxative. It seems to restore my bowels moving normally." - Rachel S.

"I've seen this product being advertised on the TV. I was hesitant at first about trying the product but now that I have, I can recommend using this product. I've tried a lot of different products in the past and was not completely satisfied with it" - Julie K.

"I got back my healthy life from bloating, gassiness and chronic constipation..." - Joanna J.

"My painful symptoms I had suffered from 12 year disappeared in only 3 months..." - David K.



Big Belly or Constipated?

Who should take BAEBBE?

  • Person who is currently on a diet program.
  • Person who wants to lose a bulky belly.
  • Person who wants to cleanse their system.
  • Person who has constipation.
  • Person who has a gas problem.


What does BAEBBE do?

  • Promotes safe and peaceful weight loss
  • Cleanses intestine and colon thoroughly
  • Promotes regular bowel movement
  • Enhances intestinal functions
  • Relieves bloating
  • Flattens the waistline


What's unique about BAEBBE?

  • It contains NO laxatives (Senna nor Cascara sagrada)
  • It contains NO Ephedra
  • It contains NO caffeine
  • It contains NO stimulants



Suggested Use / Servings Per Container

Take 3 tablets once a day, preferably 30 minutes after dinner / 30 Servings